5 Must-Open Email Newsletter Examples to Learn From 

five must open email newsletter

In the dynamic world of email marketing, crafting newsletters that not only grab attention but also drive engagement is an art. A well-designed email newsletter can be a game-changer for your marketing strategy.  

To inspire your creative process and help you elevate your email campaigns, let’s dive into five must-open email newsletter examples that provide valuable lessons. 

1. The Skimm: Mastering Conciseness with Personality 

The Skimm has perfected the art of brevity without sacrificing personality. Their newsletters are concise, providing bite-sized information with a touch of humor. The key takeaway here is to be informative without overwhelming your audience. Craft a clear, concise message that reflects your brand’s personality to create a memorable impact. 

2. Grammarly: Personalization for Maximum Engagement 

Grammarly excels in personalization, tailoring content based on user preferences and behaviors. By incorporating personalized recommendations and content suggestions, Grammarly keeps its audience engaged. Take note of the power of segmentation and personalization; understanding your audience and delivering tailored content can significantly boost open and click-through rates. 

3. Really Good Emails: Embracing Visual Diversity 

Really Good Emails stands out by embracing visual diversity. Their newsletters feature a variety of layouts, colors, and imagery, keeping the design fresh and engaging. Experimenting with different visual elements can capture attention and make your content more visually appealing. Don’t be afraid to step outside the conventional design box. 

4. BuzzFeed: Creating Interactive Experiences 

BuzzFeed takes email engagement to the next level by incorporating interactive elements, such as quizzes and polls. This not only increases interaction but also provides valuable data on user preferences. Consider how you can incorporate interactivity into your newsletters to make them more engaging and memorable. 

5. Trello: Clever Use of White Space 

Trello’s newsletters are a lesson in the effective use of white space. Clean layouts with strategic use of space make content easy to digest. When designing your newsletters, remember that less can be more. Optimize your layout for clarity, making it easy for readers to focus on your key messages. 


Studying successful email newsletter examples can be a source of inspiration and education for email marketers. At Neumails, we understand the strategies employed by email marketers and implement them to enhance your own campaigns.  

The key to improving email marketing campaigns includes finding a balance between concise content, personalization, visual appeal, interactivity, and effective use of white space to create newsletters that your audience not only opens but eagerly anticipates.  

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Q1. How can studying successful email newsletter examples benefit my brand?

A: Learning from successful email newsletter examples can provide inspiration for content creation, design improvements, and optimization of overall email marketing strategies. It allows you to adapt and implement effective elements into your own campaigns. 

Q2. Why should I study email newsletter examples for my email marketing efforts? 

A: Studying email newsletter examples is a valuable practice for gaining insights into effective strategies, staying informed about industry trends, and applying proven techniques to enhance the overall effectiveness of your email marketing campaigns.