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About NeuMails

Enhancing Communication Security and Streamlining Email Marketing.

At NeuMails, we understand that email deliverability is crucial for the success of your marketing efforts. Our platform incorporates industry best practices while enhancing your customer acquisition efforts with the leading email marketing services. Our innovative bulk email tools empower you to amplify and effortlessly manage your communication, ensuring a seamless and safe experience as a prominent mass emailing platform for your organization.

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What's so Special About NeuMails?

Experience the complete functionalities of NeuMails, empowering you to intelligently create and manage bulk email marketing campaigns. Gain valuable insights with detailed analytical reports and statistics to optimize your email marketing strategies.

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NeuMails Feature & Services


Overview Dashboard

Effortlessly access counters for email lists, campaigns, subscribers, and email templates. Stay updated with detailed information on recent email campaigns and track recent activity with comprehensive email bulk marketing reports.


Suppression Lists

Enhance your campaign targeting by utilizing the best email marketing software which comprises suppression lists, ensuring the exclusion of subscribers listed in the selected suppression lists.


Email Lists Tools

Easily split large lists into smaller segments or easily sync existing email lists. Take advantage of this section for seamless list management and optimization.


Campaign Management

With our best bulk email marketing services, we ensure targeted segmentation and scheduling to optimize engagement and deliverability.


Email Lists Management

Effortlessly create and manage unlimited email lists, subscribers, segments, custom fields, forms, and pages for your bulk email automation needs. Take full control of your lists and optimize your bulk email campaigns with ease.


API Keys

Generate API keys to enable seamless integration with external applications, granting them access to your account for actions such as adding new subscribers and creating campaigns. Effortless connectivity & streamlined workflows with NeuMails email marketing.


Data Security

Experience the reliability and performance of our bulk email marketing servers, all hosted within India. Trust in the seamless connectivity and data security provided by our locally hosted infrastructure.


Email Deliverability

Improve your email deliverability with our advanced deployment of SPF, DKIM, and DMARC protocols. Trust in our robust authentication mechanisms to ensure your emails reach their intended recipients effectively and securely.

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We firmly believe that impactful business outcomes can only be achieved by designing products and services in close partnership with our clients. Through collaborative efforts, we strive to create top digital marketing solutions that genuinely make a difference in their success.

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