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Unleash the Power of Seamless Email Delivery with our Cutting-Edge SMTP Services

Experience the convenience of NeuMails' SMTP relay services, enabling senders worldwide to effortlessly send marketing and transactional emails.

SMTP sending made painless

Set yourself free from the burdensome task of managing your own SMTP servers, saving valuable time and resources. Embrace a forward-thinking approach for your email program with NeuMails' innovative cloud-based SMTP service. By leveraging our expertise, you can reduce ownership costs and future-proof your operations.

Say goodbye to the expenses associated with hardware and maintenance, as NeuMails takes care of all the intricate details internally and in-house. This allows you to redirect your energy towards your core business, confident in the knowledge that your email infrastructure is in capable hands.

Understanding SMTP: what is an SMTP server?

Unlock the power of seamless email communication with NeuMails' ingenious approach to Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP). This robust protocol serves as the backbone for sending and receiving emails between servers. To ensure secure and reliable transmission, SMTP servers necessitate authentication through credentials like usernames, passwords, IP addresses, ports, and security protocols such as SSL or TLS.

NeuMails simplifies this process by providing you with all the vital information within your account once you've added and authenticated your domain name. Armed with these details, you can effortlessly begin sending emails via your application's SMTP email client. Should you require additional guidance, our comprehensive SMTP documentation is readily available to assist you every step of the way.

Send emails to the inbox

Elevate the security of your SMTP email streams and safeguard your brand from spammers by implementing robust authentication protocols. Embrace the power of protocols like SPF, DMARC, and DKIM records, which not only enhance your brand's reputation among recipients but also build trust with inbox service providers. By leveraging these protocols in conjunction with our cutting-edge solutions like email address verifications, inbox placement tests, and send time optimization, you can significantly reduce your spam rate, minimize spam complaints, and boost overall email deliverability.

Looking for a proactive approach and expert guidance on your journey to email-sending success?

Our Deliverability Service offers you the invaluable support of a dedicated Technical Account Manager who will provide strategic advice and assistance every step of the way.

Easy to read incoming messages

Revamp your email infrastructure and streamline your inbound email management with NeuMails' innovative SMTP setup configuration and intelligent routing system. Our powerful routes feature enables senders to declutter and optimize email threads by seamlessly parsing inbound messages and converting them to easily readable UTF-8 format.

Say goodbye to complex MIME data and hello to simplified JSON, making inbound processing a breeze for businesses of all sizes. Experience the convenience and efficiency of NeuMails' intelligent routing system and revolutionize the way you handle your incoming emails.

Track every Step of Email

Unleash the power of NeuMails log retention and email analytics to gain comprehensive visibility into the journey of your emails. From the moment you hit send, you can effortlessly track every step your email takes, right up to its destination in the recipient's inbox. With log retention, bid farewell to those late-night record-keeping sessions for message errors; now you can access and analyze them at your convenience.

But it doesn't stop there. Once your email lands in the inbox, delve into a treasure trove of engagement metrics. Track crucial indicators like opens and clicks to monitor and optimize your email performance. Leverage hourly data to uncover recipient habits and fine-tune your campaigns. Dive deep into metrics such as devices, location, and mailbox providers to gain valuable insights into your campaign's performance.

Pair with your local email server

Elevate your email capabilities with the perfect synergy of your own email server and an SMTP email service. By integrating an SMTP service alongside your internal servers, you unlock a world of advantages. Experience enhanced performance as your application seamlessly hands off sent emails to your local server, while still benefiting from the robust infrastructure of a reliable SMTP provider.

Whether you're sending a thousand emails or scaling up to 10 million in mere minutes, NeuMails email infrastructure ensures uninterrupted service with an impressive server uptime of 99.99%. Rest assured that your email communications will always be reliable, even during critical moments when you need it the most.

Ready to embark on this powerful journey? Get started today and unlock the true potential of your email infrastructure.

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