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Uncover Valuable Insights with Email Logs: Gain Deep Diagnostics

When it comes to diagnosing email delivery issues, NeuMails' email logs are your ultimate tool. Our email logs provide a comprehensive record of every mail event associated with a message, enabling you to swiftly identify and resolve errors with ease.

Troubleshoot on the fly

Comprehending the impact of error codes on your email program is crucial for its optimal functionality. Whether it's an issue with the recipient's mail server or a hiccup during initial message delivery, email log files provide invaluable visibility into errors at the precise moment they occur.

With NeuMails, you can access and analyze email log files that are retained for up to 30 days. This empowers you to troubleshoot specific emails, track weekly trends, and identify areas for improvement, all conveniently from your control panel. Armed with this comprehensive data, you'll be able to quickly pinpoint problems, save time, and maintain the seamless operation of your email program. Experience the power of deep insights with NeuMails' email log files and ensure smooth sailing for your email endeavors.

Detect patterns and irregularities

Take your troubleshooting to the next level by leveraging email logs to proactively identify patterns and irregularities across all your messages. Are you noticing a high bounce rate for a specific domain during a specific date or time range? Or perhaps the issue lies with your recipient addresses?

With NeuMails' email logs, uncovering these patterns becomes effortless. Gain a deeper understanding of the factors influencing your email delivery and overall deliverability. Whether you're investigating specific trends or seeking insights into various influences, our email logs provide the valuable data you need to make informed decisions and optimize your email program.

Protect your sender reputation

Building a stellar reputation goes beyond captivating email templates and engaging content. To ensure your emails consistently reach the inbox, it's vital to detect deliverability issues proactively. One effective approach is to regularly examine email logs for delivery status failures, enabling you to monitor your account's performance closely.

With us, you can effectively monitor your reputation, steer clear of blocklists, and safeguard the health of your sending IP address and domain. NeuMails' email logs empower you to stay one step ahead, identify and resolve deliverability challenges, and maintain a reputation you can be proud of. Trust NeuMails to equip you with the tools you need for success.

Search in seconds

When it comes to locating specific information within your email logs, speed is of the essence. A user-friendly search function significantly reduces the time and effort required for troubleshooting. With NeuMails, you can configure and filter through your email logs effortlessly, leveraging various search parameters to narrow down your results.

These parameters include:

  • TO and FROM addresses found in headers:
  • Event type:
  • List name:
  • Tag name:
  • Message ID:
  • Subject line:

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